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Thank you for looking at our giving page!
We realize that there are many opportunities for giving to wonderful ministries and people need to be selective in their giving.  Below you will find our total financial needs and some ways to invest monthly/annually or through specific gift donations.  This budget covers our expenses, travel, administrative and ministry costs.  
                                                            PLEASE PRAYERFULLY CONSIDER HOW YOU MIGHT GIVE

All of the CYN’s Ministry expenses and the involvement of the Mastin family is funded by the generous donations of Mission Partners


Gift Plan

 $96,000 Annual Budget

Annual or Monthly  Donors


1 Donor at $1,000 per month- Annually    $12,000

     2 Donors at $800 per month - Annually   $19,000      

5 Donors at $500 per month- Annually    $30,000

12 Donors at $100 per month- Annually   $14,000

20 Donors at $50 per month- Annually    $12,000

30 Donors at $25 per month- Annually     $9,000 ___________________________________________

Total per month $8,000.00-  Annually    $96,000



Specific Investments

•$300 Covers the yearly expenses to reach one student

•$350 Buy snacks for Bible Studies for a semester

•$500 Scholarship a student to go to camp

•$900 Scholarship a student for a mission trip

•$1600 Covers the registration & license or the insurance for a ministry van for 1 year

•$25 Buy a student a Bible or yearly devotional

Keep in touch with CYN, BYN and Mastins on a Mission:
Give as you feel led:
If you would like to join our team of contributors, there are 3 options:
        *Mail a check
        *Use your online Bill Pay options to send a check
        *Pay on-line with your credit or debit card by 
         visiting and creating 
         an account.
                   Please reference:   M-BA

The Annual Budget is based on years of CYN's experience working in the Bahamas.

We are seeking Mission Partners, churches and organizations that can make regular annual or monthly contributions and specific investments to fund this important ministry.

All contributions sent to fund the work of Bob & Donna Mastin must be marked

"M-BA" in the memo section.  


Gifts can be donated in one of three ways:

1. Give by check - Checks can be made payable to 

Caribbean Youth Network.

  Mail checks to:

      Caribbean Youth Network

       P. O. Box 27047

       Pittsburgh, PA  15235

2. Give by online bill pay - Just as you would pay

bills automatically from your bank account, you designate regular giving to the Caribbean Youth Network.  Use the address above as the recipient. 

   3. Give online with your credit or debit card by visiting: and 

creating an account.

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